Want to become a Technopreneur?

- in an existing established company?
- in a new start-up?
- whilst at NUS?
- when you leave NUS?
- after a time in industry / commerce?

Then this Programme is designed for YOU!


The Technopreneurship and Incubation Program (TIP) is a hands-on, competitive, experiential learning module that is ideal for students to gain insight, confidence, and basic capabilities about the theoretical and practical aspects of technopreneurship.


This is an optional program ideally for students to begin in their 2nd year. However, entrepreneurial students in the other stages may also be considered for enrolment.


·        The TIP program 2013/2014 is only open to students of the Faculty of Engineering

Students undertaking TIP will be graded on CS/CU basis. (i.e. MCs obtained will be additional to the 12 S/U allowed)

These MCs count towards the UEM requirement.